in October 2016

JFTC Commander and Deputy Advisor to the Afghan Ministry of Interior visit the NATO MP COE

Start 17 Oct 2016 10:00
End 18 Oct 2016 15:00

 On 17 and 18 October, high-ranking NATO officials visited the Centre to discuss future cooperation and possible support for exercises. On 17 October, the recently appointed Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) Commander MG Wilhelm GRÜN met for the first time with the Director of the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE). On the following day, 18 October, the Deputy Advisor to the Afghan Ministry of Interior, MG Martin L. SMITH from the UK visited the Centre to meet COL Grzegorz WASIELEWSKI and LTC Thorsten STOLL and discuss the Centre’s key role in the NATO MP training and in shaping the future of the Alliance.

on October 2016

Both distinguished guests received comprehensive information on the Centre’s mission, structure, tasks, current activities, as well as a plan for future developments. COL WASIELEWSKI, accompanied by the Deputy Director/Chief of Staff LTC Thorsten STOLL, further explained the NATO MP COE’s role as the Department Head, i.e. coordination of training and educational activities within Military Policing Discipline. The Quality Assurance process, e-learning and especially, the Lessons Learned course (available also for non-MP specialists), were the main discussion topics during both meetings. This provided the guests with a broad view of the Centre as a flagship of the NATO MP training, dedicated to enhance MP capabilities and to become a platform for knowledge exchange.

Since the JFTC and NATO MP COE have recently signed the “Memorandum of Working Arrangement” (6 July 2016), the mutual relationship and further cooperation were subjects of discussion between MG GRÜN and COL WASIELEWSKI. Both parties agreed to continue the provision of Subject Matter Expert’s (SME) support during training activities and exercises (especially the Resolute Support Training Event), as well as to offer access to their modern facilities.
During the meeting with MG SMITH, the following topics were discussed, i.e. works of SHAPE’s LEGAD regarding the Afghan Police training on conceptual level, MP SME support of the JFC BRUNSSUM and JFTC in preparation and implementation of the Resolute Support Training Event.

Both visits created a platform for exchange of experience within the NATO environment and for broader fruitful discussions about further cooperation.