in October 2016

NATO Quality Assurance accreditation visit

Start 03 Oct 2016 08:00
End 04 Oct 2016 16:00

On 03-04 October, NATO HQ SACT Quality Assurance Team of Experts (QA ToE) visited the NATO MP COE to audit and evaluate the implemented Quality Management System versus the NATO Quality Assurance (QA) standards.

on October 2016

Since December 2015, all Centre’s staff guided by the NATO MP COE Quality Management Team (QMT), have been fully involved in the development and improvement of all internal QA related processes, procedures and documentation. All these deliverables are essential to gaining the NATO QA institutional accreditation, the achievement of which ensures qualification of courses offered by the Centre as NATO APPROVED.
The QA ToE line of interviews was prepared in advance in accordance with the NATO MP COE-related documentation. QA ToE examined all aspects of the Centre’s work, especially leadership and management, education and training, as well as contribution to NATO.

The Team also made a tour of the NATO MP COE facilities and used this opportunity to meet and to talk to personnel individually.
At the end of the interviews one of the Team Expert said: “Thank you for being patient, open and helping us to get the information we need for the evaluation”.
In the afternoon of the second day, the QA ToE provided the NATO MP COE staff with initial feedback summarising recognised strengths, areas for improvement and recommendations.

 The next step will be the initial Evaluation Report which shall be developed within four weeks and the final one will be QA accreditation decision of the HQ SACT Deputy Chief of Staff Joint Force Trainer (DCOS/JFT) Major General Stefano Vito Salamida, which is expected in the middle of December 2016.

As the leader of the HQ SACT QA Team said: “Through the Quality Assurance process, NATO ensures that more institutions work according to the NATO standards”. As stated in the NATO QA procedures, accreditation is granted unconditionally, conditionally for one year or is refused.