in April 2020


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has influenced almost every sphere of our everyday life,starting from individual protection, through considerable modification of the extent and way of tasks execution, including online work.
on April 2020
Due to this pandemic, a lot ofactivities in public services, also involving military sphere, have been changed and new priorities have been established. Thousands of national and multinational servicemen are collaborating in countering COVID-19. Military Police and Gendarmeries are also a member of the team and are playing a vital role in supporting national military and civilian responses across the Alliance. This support includes mobility support, border crossing tasks, security of institutions or convoying medical transports, etc. 
To collect lessons from your experience in this matter, the NATO Military Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE) has initiated a new project “Military Police Lessons Learned collection regarding COVID-19 pandemic”. The initiative is undeniably concurrent with the NATO response to COVID-19 crisis and follows the Supreme Allied Command Transformation Headquarters’ (SACT HQ) guidance.
The NATO MP COE’s aim is to collect, analyse and share a set of lessons identified (LI), best practices (BP) and LL garnered from the recent and ongoing MP-related contributions to and engagements in COVID-19 countering activities among the MP Community of Interest (CoI) as well as beyond it.
To reach all defined goals, the NATO MP COE has planned multi-level activities which involve the whole MP CoI (the most significant steps are included in the graphic).
Within the first phase, the NATO MP COE is addressing the MP CoI with a data collection questionnaire which constitutes a cornerstone of COVID-19-related research. When feedback from the questionnaire is collected, there is a plan to organise a customers workshop with the aim of analysing the obtained observations. In addition, it is our intent to involve the MP Panel Lessons Identified/Lessons Learned Writing Team in the project. Data gathered within this projectis planned to be used in the context of enhancing MP capabilities and their future development. Ultimately, all conclusions drawn regarding the above will become part of safe and secure environments  at the NATO and national levels.
Results provided by the research will be published in the NATO Joint Analysis Report and presented to the audience during the subsequent NATO MP COE activities.
Although the questionnaire has been sent to MP CoI representatives, you are also welcome to share your experience referred to COVID-19. 
To further support us, go to LL folder on the MP LL Portal:
Moreover, any other advice or essential information concerning MP involvement 
in countering COVID-19 will be highly appreciated, and your suggestions shall be extremely helpful in the NATO-wide thorough research.