in April 2019

International Conference on the Military Police in Hybrid Warfare

Start 10 Apr 2019 08:00
End 11 Apr 2019 17:00
Following the decision made during the Multinational Joint Commission (MJC) Military Police (MP) Subcommittee 2018-3 held in Bydgoszcz, Poland in the autumn of 2018, the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE) consented to co-chair the International Conference on the MP in Hybrid Warfare alongside with the Military Law and Order Service (MLOS) of Ukraine as well as Military Institute of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev. The event took place in Kiev, Ukraine on 10-11 APR 2019. 
on April 2019
In the aftermath of the Ukrainian conflict that began in 2014, NATO endorsed a Comprehensive Assistance Package (CAT) at the Warsaw Summit. As such, CAT aims at enhancing NATO’s ongoing support to Ukraine. Among various actors, who contribute to the above-mentioned project, the NATO MP COE as the permanent member of the MP Subcommittee, started to advocate the development of the training and doctrine pillars. Furthermore, co-operation within the lessons learned sphere was initiated too. Hence, MLOS offers to share experience and knowledge captured throughout the recent years influenced by the hybrid war determinants.
Ultimately, around one hundred national representatives, coming from both Ukraine and NATO member states as well as NATO entities and NGOs, convened to present real life cases and draw some conclusions regarding challenges encountered in the face of hybrid warfare complexity versus military capabilities ( including MP functions). At the beginning of the Conference, welcome addresses were delivered by honourable guests, among others, Vadym Chernysh - Minister for Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine and Anatolii Peterenko - Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine for European Integration. Subsequently, participants of the event shared their views on MP in Hybrid Warfare in the topic-related briefings and panel discussions.
In summation of the Conference, Col Mirosław Łabęcki (NATO MP COE Director) announced that all crucial information presented during the assembly would be analyzed and afterwards introduced to the NATO MP Community of Interest. 

International Conference “Military Police in Hybrid War” Report is available now at the NATO LL Portal ( and the MP LL Portal ( – accessible only for registered users.