in January 2020

Farewell Ceremony of the Doctrine and Standardization Branch Head, LTC Roman GAVLAS

January 2020
27 January 2020 was marked with a farewell ceremony of an international staff member of the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence, LTC Roman GAVLAS.
on January 2020
LTC GAVLAS, from the Vojenská Policie of the Czech Republic, became a member of the international staff that strengthened the Centre in January 2017 and was appointed the NATO MP COE Doctrine and Standardization Branch Head.
The farewell ceremony was a unique occasion to deliver an acknowledgment for all the months of very hard effort of LTC Roman GAVLAS. On behalf of the NATO MP COE Family, the Director of the Centre, COL Mirosław ŁABĘCKI, cordially thanked LTC Gavlas for his personal engagement in everyday duty, imitable professionalism as well as energy put into the creation of a positive image of the NATO MP COE on the international stage. LTC Gavlas significantly contributed to the achievements of the projects in the doctrine and standardization area for the benefit of NATO Military Police, including publication of the new ATP 3.7.2. COL Łabęcki stressed that LTC Gavlas was always ready to help, advise and provide adequate support. As a friend, LTC Gavlas always showed kindness, loyalty, as well as impeccable and exemplary behaviour.
This respective day was sad but it was also a day, when the COE welcomed on board a new member of the NATO MP COE, a new Branch Head of the Doctrine and Standardization Branch, MAJ Jan CERMAK, also from the Vojenská Policie of the Czech Republic.
The Centre’s personnel wishes a lot of success to both of the Czech representatives.