in January 2020

​The NATO MP COE’s support to Ukraine

January 2020
The Ukrainian Military Law and Order Service (MLOS) provides military police service to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
on January 2020
The MLOS is currently undergoing a reform supported by the Military Joint Committee (MJC) - MP Subcommittee led by a representative of Canadian MP. The NATO MP COE, as part of the MP Subcommittee, is consistently supporting development of the MLOS. We offer support of our expertise in different areas of cooperation. At the beginning, the NATO MP COE staff was requested by the Commander of the 25 MLOS Training Centre in Lviv, LTC Oleg Kernytskyi, in line with commitments made by the Military Police Subcommittee, to prepare and organise the instructor’s support for the Leadership and Ethics module during the Transition Course. This time, our representatives were deployed to the 25th MLOS Training Centre in Lviv in order to support a Canadian Training Development Officer during the MP Basic Sergeant Course Working Group. The overall goal of it was to develop tests and scenarios for a professional training programme dedicated to NCOs.