in September 2019

​Visit of the outgoing Provost Marshal, COL NOORT, and the incoming Provost Marshal COL Johannes Vroegh

September 2019
On 23 September 2019, the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence hosted two distinguished guests from the Allied Command Operation. 
on September 2019
The visit was combined with the HOTO duty trip of the Provost Marshal, COL Daniel NOORT (the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee - Koninklijke Marechaussee - KMar) and his successor, COL Johannes VROEGH (KMar). 
Furthermore, the incoming Provost Marshal was acquainted with the NATO MP COE’s current challenges, its structure, and the ongoing, as well as upcoming endeavours for the current and upcoming years. 
What is more, the visit was an excellent opportunity to award COL NOORT the NATO MP COE honorary badge as a token of a valuable co-operation for the sake of the NATO MP CoI. The awarding ceremony took place in front of junior officers attending the MP Junior Officer Course, as well as the NATO MP COE military and civilian personnel.
On the occasion of the meeting with both officers, the NATO MP COE’s Director COL Mirosław ŁABĘCKI, highlighted that the Centre was looking forward to maintaining mutual co-operation  both with the NATO MP Panel and NATO MP Chiefs Conference representatives, as well as in the frame of products and services delivered by the Centre for the benefit of the NATO and NATO partners MP CoI, primarily within the on-site courses and thematic events where sharing knowledge and experience of ACO PM is of utmost importance.  
The newly appointed SHAPE PM, COL Johannes Vroegh, was born in 1964 and from the very beginning of his military career, while joining the army in 1983, was tied with the Military Police as well as civil policing structure in the Netherlands and in the international environment. I was always professionally connected with the MP-related functions, emphasised COL Vroegh in a short interview.
He also underlined, I’m very privileged that I am appointed to this function. I am aware that it is a highly important function for the community within NATO and for the MP community. I feel really excited and eager to step in it.
The incoming Provost Marshal also expressed how significant from his perspective the NATO MP COE was. “I have already noticed that the co-operation between the Provost Marshal of SHAPE and the NATO MP COE goes smoothly in the same direction. Together we are a kind of tandem. 
COL Vroegh completed his statement by saying, My first impression is that all people here are very professional. I’m happy to be here.
He also added, “It is more than important to have the NATO MP COE in place. The Centre is a kind of common centre for knowledge. In the past decades, we lost a lot of valuable information due to the lack of a central hub like this one. Currently, you will see that the Centre is a really vital institution. The CoI is making a constant use of it.  I’m willing to contribute to that to put a lot of effort for the sake of the NATO MP COE.