in July 2019

​NATO Centre of Excellence Marketplace, Brussels (15-16 July, 2019)

July 2019
On 15 and 16 July 2019, the NATO MP COE representatives participated in the first NATO Centre of Excellence Marketplace which is a new initiative of Allied Command Transformation.  
on July 2019
The event took place in NATO Headquarters in Brussels and was opened by Ms Rose Gottemoeler, NATO’s Deputy Secretary General. All 25 accredited COEs had an opportunity to present their roles and responsibilities to the national delegates and NATO HQ staff. 
The event proved to be highly beneficial for members of NATO HQ, who had a possibility to get to know, understand and recognise the COEs’ scope of endeavours, i.e. comprehend the real value of the expertise, support and advice provided by COEs to the Alliance. It was also a great chance for the Centres to present and advertise their achievements.
The activities and undertakings organised and conducted by the NATO MP COE were presented by its Director, COL Miroslaw LABECKI, who provided a briefing for the invited national delegations and NATO HQ staff from the International Staff (IS) and International Military Staff (IMS).  Additionally, LTC Roman GAVLAS and CWO Daniel SUSKI presented the NATO MP COE’s accomplishments at a two-day display. Finally, Directors from all COEs could exchange views and debate with all Military Committee members during a separate session.
The NATO MP COE’s booth, among others, was visited by Chairman Military Committee Air Chief Marshal, Sir Stuart Peach. The COE’s representatives also had an opportunity to converse with some of national representatives in NATO, as well as with personnel working in the new NATO HQ. 
To sum up, the NATO MP COE, as well as all other NATO COEs, took part in an effective and fruitful COE Marketplace 2019 and enhanced their international reputation and visibility towards NATO HQ staff from IS and IMS. The event constituted an excellent platform for sharing information with interested parties and for setting up a useful network. We hope that the initiative will be continued in the future.