in February 2019

​The NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence’s support to the Military Police Leadership Orientation Course in Tbilisi, Georgia

February 2019
From 12 to 15th February 2019 the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence’s (NATO MP COE) representatives supported the training event conducted by the Defense Institution Building School in Tbilisi, Georgia. 
on February 2019
The NATO MP COE was represented by the Education & Training BranchSection - Chief and the Doctrine & Standardization Branch staff officers. Both officers were involved in the Military Police Leadership Orientation Course as the Subject Matter Experts. They provided the course’ attendees with comprehensive information on the standardization within NATO, (e.g. interoperability, standardization process, NATO doctrine architecture or NATO doctrine for Military PoliceMP).Furthermore, they shared the NATO MP COE’s experience and observations collected during the NATO exercises (TRJR18 or TRJE18). This professional training provided the students with a broad view of MG/MP.
It was an unique opportunity for the students to familiarise themselves with the basic rules and activities and the current situation related to the daily activities.
The visit enhanced cooperation between the NATO MP COE and the Georgia’s MP, as well as fostered interoperability and cohesion among the course’ participants.
The courseattendees had an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the state of the artspeaking techniques or motivation process (whichturned out very interesting for personnel). Georgian soldiers had a chance to verify their skills during short interviews in front of the camera.
It is necessary to emphasise that during the course the SHAPE Provost Marshal presented the lecture pertaining to the NATO, e.g. history, tasks, organisation as well as current and future capabilities. The event was alsosupported by 18thUS Military Police Commander and his Command Sergeant Major. They presented their leadership experience and explained Command Team concept.
The NATO MP COE’s support to the course showed the relevance of cooperation among the military institutions is and vital significance of maintaining relationships among soldiers in the international environment.

The photos made by Georgian Ministry of Defence