in June 2014

The three-day Military Police Panel (MPP)

Start 02 Jun 2014 08:00
End 06 Jun 2014 16:00
The three-day Military Police Panel (MPP) was held from 2 to 6 JUNE 2014 at the Lifeguard Regiment Cavalry Barracks in Stockholm, Sweden and was hosted by the Swedish Armed Forces Provost Marshal Office. Among the attendees, there were 48 representatives of ACO Provost Marshal Office, NATO and multinational corps provost marshal cells, centres of excellence (COEs), national military police and gendarmerie forces from the total number of 22 NATO and PfP countries. The meeting was led by current MPP Chairman, COL Willem Koops (NLD).
on June 2014

The main objective of the event was initial identification of the main subjects that are to be presented at this year’s MP Chiefs Conference, including doctrine, NATO MP Future Capability Study; as well as MP training and lessons learned possibilities proposed by the NATO MP COE to the MP Community of Interest. 
During the meeting, the NATO MP COE Director COL Wasielewski presented his briefing concerning update of the NATO MP COE status, COE’s main activities in 2014 and selected long-term projects for 2015. Additionally, the Director of the COE informed the audience about the activation of the Centre as the NATO military body on 28 MAY 2014. Then, he provided the attendees with the following  information:

  • NATO MP COE approved by the Centre’s Steering Committee as a Department Head. ACT final decision granting the role of a DH to the COE will be made by the MPCC 2014 in Berlin;
  • Annual Discipline Conference confirmed;
  • NATO MP COE manning and structure;
  • First Provost Marshal Conference (14-15 MAY 2014) outcomes;
  • 2014 Syndicate Facilitators Training and 2nd MP Officer Course details and update;
  • NATO MP NCO course development;
  • Requests for Support addressed to the NATO MP COE;
  • Participation in exercises in support of the NATO and EU entities;
  • NATO MP COE Programme of Work (POW).

On the last day of the MP Panel, the NATO MP COE Lessons Learned Branch Head - LTC Szczypiński presented his briefing regarding the NATO MP LL Initiative. He proposed two courses of action (COA) for LL Capability Body organization within the MP and described advantages and disadvantages of them. Subsequently, the MPP discussed submitted solutions and accepted the establishment of the Military Police Lessons Learned Capability Team within MP Panel, permanently chaired by the NATO MP COE.
In the following presentation, LL Branch Head introduced to the audience the NATO MP Lessons Learned Portal, describing its aim, scope and future content as well as the current capabilities for registered users. The MPLLP was accepted by the MPP representatives as a useful tool to be used by all MP Community of Interest on a daily basis. MPP members stated a request for analysing the possibility of extending the MPLLP into MP Portal in the future (covering all common MP issues) as well.