in May 2012

NATO MP COE at Military Police Panel in Kingston, Canada 2012

Start 07 May 2012 08:00
End 11 May 2012 16:00
From 7 to 11 May Kingston hosted the 2nd meeting of the Military Police Panel (MPP) this year.

From 7 to 11 May Kingston hosted the 2nd meeting of the Military Police Panel (MPP) this year. The MPP sessions discussed current issues concerning Military Police formations within NATO Nations.

on May 2012
One of them was devoted to the NATO MP COE. COL Grzegorz Wasielewski presented the current development on the Centre focusing on the results of the 1st Mou Conference. After that the Panel discussed among others the structure and functional relationships with MPP and MP Chiefs Conference. The result of that discussion is the fact that NATO MP COE representative in the future will permanently participate in the meetings of MPP and NATO MP Chiefs Conference. Moreover, the MPP recognized a considerable role of the NATO MP COE in the collection, analysis, repository and dissemination of the Lessons Learned within the Military Police Family. What was strongly stressed the MP Panel is able to shape the NATO MP COE Programme Of Work throughout submitting certain proposals and national representatives within the Steering Committee. Furthermore it was agreed that the NATO MP Course will migrate to the NATO MP COE in the future.

COL Wasielewski invited Nations to participate in the 2nd MOU Conference in September this year.