in March 2021

e-Learning NATO Military Police Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course 2021

Start 19 Apr 2021 07:00
End 23 Apr 2021 17:00
We are pleased to inform you that the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence organizes the e-Learning NATO Military Police Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course 2021 (e-LMPLLSOC-21) that will take place virtually in the period of 19 - 23 April 2021.
By PL on March 2021
The fundamental aim of the e-LMPLLSOC-21 is to teach students to perform effective MP Lessons Learned activities within an Military Police unit, advise with regard to the NATO Lessons Learned process within the MP functional area, as well as to familiarise the students with the NATO Lessons Learned process with the focus on elaborating each stage and phase. Furthermore, the course attendees will be acquainted with a clear division of roles and responsibilities assigned to all those involved within the process. The course lecturers will also explain the relevance of appropriate mindset and leadership to build the proper LL-based culture inside any unit.

The attendees will not only learn the NATO Lessons Learned Process, but they also will have a possibility to review their newly acquired skills during a set of syndicate works. It is worth mentioning that the e-LMPLLSOC-21 will be provided by the NATO MP COE Lessons Learned Branch staff led by LTC Łukasz Waga, considerably supported by subject matter experts.
Since the NATO MP COE was granted the unconditional NATO Quality Assurance accreditation, the respective course has been categorised as NATO Approved.

The target audience for the course are primarly NATO and partner countries’ MP/Gendarmerie type forces personnel responsible for Lessons Learned with no rank limitations.
The seat capacity is limited to 25 students. The course is free of charge.

Registration via a Smart Event Application (SEA) is open until 05 April 2021. During the registration process, you are kindly asked to use your duty e-mail address only.

Please use the link below in order to register for the event.

Furthermore, all essential organisational, administrative and course prerequisite information are accessible at SEA, after logging on.