in October 2020

Military Police in Hybrid War Webinar - 15 OCT 2020

Start 15 Oct 2020 13:00
End 15 Oct 2020 17:00
Countering hybrid threats has become one of top NATO priorities. As such, events in the eastern part of Europe and all over the globe have given voice to the conviction that the Alliance does prioritise a continuous development of countering blended non-linear war practices.
on October 2020
On 15th OCT 2020, the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE) in cooperation with the Ukrainian Military Law and Order Service (MLOS) offered a webinar on Military Police in Hybrid War.
NATO Community of Interest was fortunate to host the contributors from Canada, Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine as well as NATO HQ, Hybrid Warfare Centre of Excellence and ACO PMO (Provost Marshal Office). In addition to that, a great number of participants across NATO and PfP Countries were part of the respective webinar.
Thanks to the significant involvement and commitment of the above-mentioned SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), it was possible to achieve the settled goal, i.e. providing the NATO MP Community of Interest with an opportunity to examine specific tactical issues of interest to MP within the context of Hybrid War-related aspects. What is more, that notable event is beneficial for the future NATO’s capabilities development.
All the webinar attendees were given a chance to join a set of keynote lectures, such as:
  • Hybrid Warfare a specific style of Warfare – Hybrid COE Expert,
  • Summary of MP in HW International Conference 2019 – Head of Crisis Management Section, MP (SVK),
  • The Nature of Hybrid War in UKR and the Role of MP – Provost Marshal and Chief of the Main Directorate of the MLOS (UKR).
Furthermore, a meaningful panel discussion appeared to be an excellent discussion platform. The HW-related aspects were comprehensively deliberated combining the Ukraine-NATO experience on countering initial hybrid incursions, resilience against information operations and protection of civilians. Invaluable contribution of the panellists was of high relevance, but it should also be highlighted that the said panel discussion was moderated by a Canadian SME, LtC Hudson, in a highly professional manner.
All crucial information presented during the on-line event would be analysed and afterwards introduced to the NATO MP Community of Interest at and