in February 2020

Provost Marshal Forum (PMF) 2020-6, 16 - 20 March 2020

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Start 16 Mar 2020 08:00
End 20 Mar 2020 16:00
Nowadays, all sorts of NATO military commands and assets do strive for adopting various initiatives launched by top officials of the Alliance state members in order to maintain transformation processes, as well as to carry on sustained capabilities’ development.
on February 2020
What is more, serious security challenges require strengthening resilience, too. Therefore, NATO Command Structure (NCS) and NATO Force Structure (NFS) headquarters (HQ), participating in a set of military exercises, operations and missions, adjust strategic guidelines to real operational activities.
It is of considerable relevance to underline that a vast number of responsibilities laid down on commanders must also be facilitated by their advisors on MP-related matters. As such, provost marshals (PM) positioned at all HQ levels play crucial roles of advising commanders on MP functions oriented at combat service support which is one of enablers for the sake of each military operation.
Bearing in mind clear appreciation of MP tasks with reference to systematic discussions on very recent, ongoing and forthcoming MP employments under supervision of PM, the NATO MP COE organises such a deliberation platform on an annual basis. Thus, the  PMF scheduled for 16-20 MAR 2020 is to gather PMs in order to provide and work out collective recommendations to be used in further military commitments.
As such, this year’s edition of the Forum intends to discuss recent NATO MP Panel (MPP) and NATO MP Chiefs’ Conference (MPCC) deliverables regarding MP engagements in exercises/operations. Furthermore, the gathering itself aims to boost working platform and information sharing opportunities via mutual exchange of crucial MP functional information in order to facilitate the sharing process. Moreover, the NATO MP COE cares about a periodic formalised assembly among the ACO PM and its lower level counterparts, and that is exactly what the gathering involves.
In addition to that, the Forum also provides an opportunity to take up a discussion on experience from various deployments of Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) with the main focus on MP issues.
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