in November 2019

The Military Policing Annual Discipline Conference 6-7 November 2019

Start 06 Nov 2019 08:00
End 07 Nov 2019 18:00
The Military Policing Annual Discipline Conference 2019 (MPGADC19)  took place at the NATO MP COE facilities on 6–7 November. 
on November 2019
Since the NATO MP COE’s appointment to the Department Head (DH) role for the Military Policing (MPG) discipline in 2015, the Conference has become one of the critical elements of the Centre’s activity.
The aim of the 4th MPGADC19, under the guidance of Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation / Joint Force Development, was to review and update the NATO Education and Individual Training requirements in the MPG discipline and to validate or revise educational and training solutions. That was also an interesting lesson for all participants due to the fact that COE had a new Requirement Authority (RA), a new Department Head officer, as well as a new Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Point of Contact.
Deliberations focused on the Military Police involvement in the following areas of cooperation:  Cyber Crime Investigations,   Hybrid War and Conflict-Related Sexual Gender Base Violence. MPGADC19 participants were updated on the most important developments and ongoing topics related to Military Policing individual and collective training including residential or e-Learning courses, workshops, forums, and conferences. The MPGADC19 contributors discussed the NATO Military Police collective training and exercises, as well as  evaluation-related issues. Its participants were also informed about new NATO MP COE individual training projects e.g. released this year ADL 188 Introduction to the NATO Military Police Mobility Support Operations Course. It is necessary to stress that all Conference objectives were fully achieved.
All parties agreed that wider cooperation among the NATO MP Community of Interest, as well as other NATO Department Heads can effectively support further progress of the MPG Discipline. It is also worth emphasising that some issues have been solved and several directions have been recommended by the RA for implementation in 2020.
Furthermore, involved bodies were informed that outcomes of the MPGADC19 would be officially presented in the Discipline Alignment Plan in January 2020.