in September 2019

​The NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence conducted the 7th edition of the Military Police Junior Officer Course, 23-27 SEP 2019

Start 23 Sep 2019 08:00
End 27 Sep 2019 16:00
On 23-27 SEP 2019, the NATO MP COE conducted the 7th edition of the Military Police Junior Officer Course 2019 (MPJOC19).
on September 2019
MPJOC19 constituted a unique opportunity for 25 students from 13 NATO and PfP countries (POL, CZE, DEU, HRV, GRC, ROU, BGR, NLD, LTU, CAN, CHE, NOR, USA)  to contribute to the improvement of education and training among Military Police personnel, in particular in the area of operational force deployment and in-theatre interoperability.
This year’s event abounded in a lot of new tasks which were really challenging for the students. Year–on-year, the NATO MP COE staff focus on improving the quality of courses and all products provided by the Centre, offerring new lectures, new knowledge and experience gained from international personnel’ and institutions, both military as well as civilian ones.
It is also worth underscoring that the number of applicants for this year’s course was higher than its seat availability. The course has undoubtedly earned an impeccable, reputation among the NATO and PfP MP community of interest (CoI). This motivates the COE to maintain high quality standards which have already been recognised by the designated ACT authorities. 
This year, the focal point was to provide the initial knowledge about the NATO MP/Gendarmerie international co-operation in order to develop a common understanding of differences in capabilities and culture of nations, enhancing MP interoperability in NATO-led operations.
The NATO MPJOC19 provided the audience with an introductory level of knowledge to NATO MP operations, and showed how to best integrate them in support of multinational military activities within a wider context of NATO and international community.
In addition to that, the students were tasked within syndicate works to cope with a realistic scenario and, subsequently they back-briefed at a plenary session combined with fruitful discussions, which in turn enhanced interoperability in such a multinational environment.
The 7th edition of the course was very unique. As such, within the course duration, the outgoing Provost Marshal, COL Daniel NOORT, and the incoming Provost Marshal, COL Johannes VROEGH were introduced to the attendees. Furthermore, it was an excellent opportunity for the students to take part in the awarding ceremony of COL NOORT. The outgoing Provost Marshal was presented with a NATO MP COE honorary badge as a token of valuable co-operation for the sake of the NATO MP CoI. Moreover, it must be stressed that among the keynote speakers, the Warsaw University representative delivered a lecture on legal aspects that was complementary to the knowledge required as far as a set of pre-deployment trainings for junior officers is concerned. Moreover, the SMEs from the various countries and institutions vital from MP perspective were invited and delivered lectures, e.g. NATO Force Integration Unit’s representative provided the lecture linked to the Cross Cultural Awareness. Among the others distinguished lecturers were shown as follows: SHAPE Provost Marshal, NATO Stability Policing CoE’s representative, doctrine & standardization branch’s specialist as well as lessons learned expert.  Additionally, it was a great occasion to appreciate the efforts devoted to the course by one of its facilitators, namely MAJ Konrad BARTOSZEK, POL MG.  The officer was officially awarded by COL Łabęcki with the NATO MP COE coin as a token of gratitude for his tremendous contribution that has lasted for several years.