in June 2019

NATO MP COE organizes the first Cyber Crime Investigation Workshop (CCIW) in Bydgoszcz on 17-21 June 2019

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Start 17 Jun 2019 08:00
End 21 Jun 2019 16:00
As the international community faces more frequent and more severe cyber-attacks in recent years, NATO decided in 2016 to recognize cyberspace as an operational domain, apart from land, air, sea and space. This enables the Alliance to better protect its communication networks, missions and operations, with maintaining more focus on cyber training and planning.
on June 2019
Several years ago the NATO military police community of interest (MP CoI) led by the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (MP COE) and supported by the Military Policing Requirement Authority, initiate the discussion concerning the military police involvement in cyberspace within the Alliance. As acknowledged during the Cyber Crime Investigation Conference 
in 2018 by both guest speakers and participants such topic requires further research and development. Therefore, this year the NATO MP COE decided to change the format of the event into a workshop and to invite those of you who are interested to learn and discuss more about:
Crime scenes – collection and analysis of volatile data;
Digital forenics and data analysis;
International law of cyber operations;
National military police perspective on cyber crime investigation;
Military Policing education and training requirements regarding cyber crime investigation.
The aim of this workshop is to share experience in the scope of cybercrime within 
a multinational environment as well as to enhance capabilities of the MP COI in the field of cyber crime investigation. 
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