The NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE) Public Affairs Officer (PAO) ensures a coherent media profile at  the NATO MP COE in accordance with the Director’s intent and the guidelines of the Steering Committee.
PAO is a principal adviser to the Director on public affairs matters and serves as the official MP COE spokesperson.
In order to support the Director's intent and vision, PAO provides press releases on the NATO MP COE activities, maintans and cultivates cooperation with local and national news media, coordinates responses to media inquiries, plans and organises external media interviews and events by coordinating news conferences and media interviews.
The PAO creates public perception of the command, the corporate image of the command and manages command information products and news. The PAO also maintains liaison with other NATO PA organisations, develops PA policy for the NATO MP COE in accordance with the Director’s guidance, provides media assessment, develops information products and administers the public NATO MP COE website.

Address and phone numbers

SzubiƄska 105
85-915 Bydgoszcz, Poland

For media-related queries please contact:

Lt Aleksandra MORZYCKA, PhD

Public Affairs Officer
+48 571 271 534


+48 261 41 00 56

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