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The Steering Committee (SC)

The Steering Committee (SC) is responsible for guidance and supervision of all the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE) activities and administration, taking into consideration Participants’ interests regarding all matters pertaining to the Centre. The SC consists of one voting representative from each Participant, not belonging to the staff of the NATO MP COE. 

The responsibilities and tasks of the SC include, but are not limited, to:


  • Monitoring the performance of the mission and tasks of the NATO MP COE including its funding, administration and personnel establishment;
  • Providing guidance on the functional relationships of the NATO MP COE with other entities;
  • Proposing changes to the MOU and its Annexes to the Participants;
  • Approving, amending and reviewing substantial documentation concerning the NATO MP COE (Concept, Programme of Work, Financial Accounting Procedures, Budget etc.).

The SC meets at least once a year and the frequency, place and duration of the meetings are determined by this body. The decisions of the SC are consensus-based. Consensus means that every SC member must vote yes or abstain from a decision to be approved (with a minimum of one yes vote). Should there be a negative vote, the decision is not approved.


The SC is authorised to invite additional SC meeting participants, thus Supreme Allied Command Transformation Headquarters (HQ SACT) shall be present at the relevant SC meetings, without any voting rights, to advise the SC on NATO entities’ requirements and priorities. 


The SC is chaired by an appropriately ranked official provided by the Framework Nation (FN). The Chairman is not identical with the representative of the FN or with the Director. The Chairman does not have a vote in the SC. 

The Chairman of the SC is to: 

  • be responsible for conducting the meetings of the SC;
  • oversee the execution of the decisions taken by the SC;
  • if necessary, arrange for decisions to be taken by the SC between meetings;
  • represent the SC in external relations under explicit tasking by the SC on particular issues. 

Directly to the SC reports the Director, who is responsible to the SC for the fulfilment of the mission, tasks and operation as well as administration of the NATO MP COE. 

The successive SC meetings will be reflected in the following folders.