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NATO Military Police Senior Officer Course 2017


 !!!Registration closed!!!

On 8-12 May 2017, the second edition of the NATO Military Police Senior Officer Course (MPSrOC) will take place at the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE). The prime aim to be achieved is to support preparation of Military Police senior officers to working in a complex international environment with the main focus, on the NATO MP perspective. This unique and exclusive course has several strong advantages, i.e. engagement of experienced Subject Matter Experts representing various nations, involvement of the Warsaw University and Allied Command Operations Provost Marshal Office.

 Subjects for the course were chosen according to the identified needs of MP senior officers, so that they contribute to the fulfilment of professional duties, responsibilities, as well as respond to challenges in a multinational environment. Amongst various topics, there are a few of utmost importance, i.e. Cross-Cultural Awareness and Civil-Military Cooperation, Elements of Operational Planning, as well as Effective Communication via Media Training. To increase the attractiveness of the event, students will have a possibility to choose one presentation from two different lectures proposed by the NATO MP COE. It will be implemented for the first time by the hub as “an experiment” in order to encourage students to facilitate active participation.


NATO ETOC Code: MPG-MP-32024, ePRIME ACT.672.4

To support preparation of MP senior officers to working in a complex international environment, with the main focus on the NATO MP perspective.

Learning objectives
• Conduct planning in the NATO/multinational environment with MP aspects within;
• Advise command and staff on MP functional area;
• Conduct coordination, synchronisation and liaison;
• Conduct command and control in a NATO/multinational environment.

Training audience
• Military Police/Gendarmerie-type of forcessenior officers from NATO and NATO partner
countries, ranks: OF-3 – OF-5;
• Priority for:
- NATO Command Structure/NATO Force Structure (NCS/NFS) positions, appointed or to be appointed,
- multinational positions related to NATO;
• There is no requirement to have deployment experience. It is not expected of participants
to arrive with any specific type of policing experience due to the variety of employments
within each country;
• Exceptions will be accepted based on seat availability:
- level of experience and exposures to NATO level operations, OF-2 and/or OF-6 shall be included, but will require proper substantiations,
- Non MP/Gendarmerie seniorofficers within NCS/NFS/national HQs (e.g. COS, staff officers) but will require substantiations,
- Seniorcivilianpoliceofficers in the NATO deployment readiness cycle.
English language: the desired level of standard language proficiency (SLP) is 3-3-3-3, according to STANAG 6001.

Course timing and capacity
• 08 –12 May 2017;
• Max. 15 students.
There is no requirement for a security clearance (as this course is designated NATO UNCLASSIFIED Releasable to PfP, MD, ICI, PAtG).
Course fee
• PLN500, (approx. EUR120);
• No fee for the NATO MP COE Sponsoring Nations (delegated by the country);
• To be paid during the in-processing in cash in PLN or debit/credit card (Visa and MasterCard).
Registration details
All students are to register no later than 18 April 2017 via the NATO MP COE Smart Event Application (SEA) available through the NATO MP COE website under the following link

Point of Contact
NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence
ul. Szubinska 105, 85-915 Bydgoszcz, Poland
phone: +48 261-410-035
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