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3rd Military Police Lessons Learned Conference 5-8 December

The Annual Military Police Lessons Learned Conference on “Extracting MP-related Lessons from Operations and Exercises”
The Annual Military Police Lessons Learned Conference (AMPLLC) on “Extracting MP-related Lessons from Operations and Exercises” organized by the NATO MP COE is planned to take place on the NATO MP COE premises in Bydgoszcz, Poland on 05-08 December 2016.

The Conference aims to gather audience with national/multinational experience in military operations and exercises which therefore could deliver added value with regard to enhancing MP capabilities. Since 2014, the NATO MP COE has hosted two editions of this event. The main purpose of the upcoming Conference is to share Best Practices and Lessons Learned gathered during all types of military operations and multinational exercises which in consequence will contribute to shaping future MP capabilities.
The Conference audience is Military Police Community of Interest (MP CoI) and its objectives are as follows:
- Introduce LI/LL from 2015/2016 military operations (both national and international) and multinational exercises (Resolute Support, Sabre Strike, Trident Juncture etc.);
- Share LI/LL from the area of Mobility Support Operations - both from military operations and multinational exercises (Resolute Support, Anakonda, Brilliant Jump, Trident Joust, Noble Jump etc.);
- Formulate key recommendations for future deployments upon the outcome deriving from the Conference (AMPLL Conference Report);
- Enhance interoperability within the MP COI;
- Overview recent MP LL COI initiatives (MP LL CT, ATLLF, MP LL Portal).

With the aim of creating a firm baseline for fruitful debates, the agenda for the event includes two plenary sessions which cover mentioned objectives, followed by discussion platform.

Event timing
05-08 December 2016.

The security classification for this event will be NATO unclassified (releasable to Partners).

Event fee and capacity
1. PLN200 (approx.. EUR50).
2. Capacity max. 25 participants (yet, the number of delegates from one country or organization is not limited)

In order to apply for participating in the Conference:
1. Firstly, please register to the NATO MP COE Smart Event Application (SEA) at
2. To complete registration please register for the AMPLLC as a participant (after receiving a confirmation email with login and password).
In order to proceed smoothly with the organization of the Conference, do not hesitate to contact the Officer of Primary Responsibility for the event:
NATO MP COE POC: CAPT (OF-2) Jakub WĘCŁAWOWICZ, phone: +48 261-410-047, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.