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4th NATO Military Police Junior Officer Course 26 – 30 September 2016


The aim of the NATO MPJOC is to provide initial knowledge focusing on issues of the NATO MP/Gendarmerie international cooperation in order to develop a common understanding of the differences in capabilities and national cultures, therefore enhancing MP interoperability in NATO-led operations.

The course will provide students with an introduction to NATO MP Operations in order to develop a common appreciation of the differing capabilities of various nations, and show how to best integrate them in support of multinational operations within the wider context of NATO and international community.


The Performance Objectives (POs) and Enabling Learning Objectives (ELOs) of the Course are as follows:

PO 1 Advise Command on NATO MP Doctrine.

ELO 1.1 NATO MP Doctrine.

ELO1.2 International Law in relation to Military Police functions.

ELO 1.3 Cross-Cultural Awareness (CCA)

PO 2 Mission Planning in a NATO operation.

ELO 2.1 NATO MP capabilities.

    ELO 2.2 Understand the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP) and NATO Planning Process

ELO 2.3 Conduct a mission analysis


All students and facilitators should confirm their participation till 9 September 2016. The FIRST COME – FIRST SERVE role is applied due to the limited number of seats!

Please register to the system through the NATO MP COE Smart Event Application (SEA)

After receiving a confirmation email, register to the MPJOC-16 as a student, facilitator or guest speaker accordingly.


To ensure appropriate knowledge at the entry level, students are obliged to complete ADL Course (Advanced Distributed Learning) 186 “Introduction to MP Doctrine”

Certificates of ADL Course completion shall be submitted during the digital registration process prior to the MPJOC Course but not later than the in-processing on the 1st day of the event.

During the whole process, you are kindly asked to use your official duty address only.