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The 4th MP ATLLF17-4 (23-25 May 2017)

The forthcoming Military Police Annual Tactical Lessons Learned Forum (MP ATLLF17-4) is going to be dedicated to “Security Operations” (SEC OPs) which is next in line of MP functions in accordance with the Allied Joint Doctrine for Military Police (AJP
An intended aim of the Forum is to put forward the following objectives:
- SEC OPs in NATO – their significance as an MP function – status quo and plans for the future;
- Future SEC OPs as an MP task – “problems identified to be solved” – discussion;
- Possible engagement of the MP COI in reconditioning of reference documents concerning SEC OPs – proposals and way ahead.

Furthermore, the debate concerning problem-solving ought to be conducted, as well as the proposal and way ahead pertaining to the issues mentioned below will be discussed:
- Review of SEC OPs experience – Iraq, Afghanistan;
- Review of SEC OPs experience from – major trainings/exercises (such as TRIDENT JUNCTURE, ANGEL GUARDIAN, ANAKONDA, etc.);
- Exploration of differences in conducting special types of SEC OPs during deployment in a hostile, austere environment and during peace time when completing homeland Ops;
- Formulate key recommendations for future deployments upon the outcome deriving from the Forum (MP ATLLF17-4 After-Action Report);
- Enhance interoperability within the MP COI;
- Overview recent MP LL COI initiatives (MP LL CT, AMPLLC, MP LL Portal).
- Hence, some topics to be considered in alignment with ATP 3.7.2 (area, physical, information and personnel security, gender issues in SEC OPs, Close Protection Ops, Terrorism vs SEC OPs: BIO OPs, INTEL/CI, MP High Profile SEC, possible co-operation with other MIL/CIV actors within SEC OPs).
In addition to the above-mentioned, it is proposed to bring up a recent analysis and experience on how the migrant crisis has influenced or can influence SEC OPs within the Allies’ territory.
The MP ATLLF17-4 is intended for the military and civilian personnel having experience in that type of operations with no rank limitations.

Time of the event: 23-25 May 2017.
Security requirements: NATO UNCLASSIFIED/ Releasable to PfP and the last day is foreseen as NATO Classified up to NATO SECRET/Releasable to PfP.The event fee is determined as PLN300 (approx. EUR70). 


Details connected with the event fee are provided in the Invitation Letter.The registration for the MPATLLF17-4 has already been opened.
Participants are requested to register via the NATO MP COE Smart Event Application (SEA) available through the NATO MP COE website under the following link no later than 00:00, 02 April 2017.