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  • Recognised and significant ROI in the fields of shared development and operation
  • Sharing costs – possibility for Nations to reduce investment costs by gaining similar results with other Nations being part of the same activities
  • Exploiting multi-national expertise of national post-deployment experts
  • Creating network of national experts internal and external to the COE
  • Risk reduction during development and implementation due to the multi-national approach of the COE
  • Shared development of policies, doctines and concepts including experimentation and testing


  • Inherent interoperability built during daily cooperation and interaction of national representatives in a multi-national environment
  • Objective interoperability built during shared development of doctrines, polices, concepts, reports and discussions for future operations
  • MP Education and training, Analysis and lessons learned, Concept development and Experimentation and Doctrine development and standards are developed and delivered in a multi-national environment. A similar multi-national environment that exists in operations
  • Best practices and lessons learned from nations are incorporated into all products leading to enhanced interoperability


  • The MP COE Programme of work will consist of items from NATO and Sponsoring Nations, thereby providing significant additional capabilities to Sponsoring Nations in the MP Field


  • The MP COE is an independent organisation and as such has no national restrictions on contacts with industry and academia.


  • MP COE will be the repository of MP Lessons learned in cooperation with the NATO JALLC.
  • The COE is a force multiplier, by sending one or more staff officers to the COE, a nation can propose items for the programme of work and have up to 54 multi-national staff officers addressing the issue.
  • Sponsoring nations are a voting member of the MP COE steering committee that governs the COE and makes all decisions associated with budget and programme of work.
  • Sponsoring nations receive training at the MP COE free of charge. Non-Sponsoring Nations pay a fee.
  • The MP COE is a way to load share common MP work with other nations whilst making a contribution to NATO
  • The Mission and vision of the MP COE are determined by the sponsoring nations. The MP COE could be guided in new directions to suit the sponsoring nations needs.
  • Access to premises at low cost
  • Single location for SMEs working for the benefit of NATO and Nations – enormous reduction of travel costs and cohrerent common apporach for all Nations in a given subject matter based on contributions from all participants
  • As an independent organization with the steering committee in the leadership role, the COE will not succumb to pressure from external entities.
  • The MP COE, based on experience in other COEs, will have strong relationships with international organizations that are sometimes difficult to establish in a purely National or NATO environment.
  • The Framework Nation, Poland will supply the infrastructure, initial equipment and all support staff for the COE. This significant investment by Poland ensures that the small contributions of sponsoring nations are firmly focused on uting the programme of work.
  • The MP COE will be located in a pleasant environment in the city of Bydgoszcz which has the support and facilities for a multi-national staff and their families.