NATO Military Police

Centre of Excellence

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The mission of the NATO MP COE is to enhance the NATO MP capability by providing subject matter expertise on all aspects of MP activities, thus improving the Alliance’s interoperability in the field of MP operations.

The NATO Military Police COE is going to support the development of MP standards and capabilities in particular through:

  • Providing analytical and methodological support in the process of expanding the transformation policy, transformation   processes, plans for nations as well as launching initiatives in these areas.
  • Monitoring main undertakings, ideas and changes in the field of transformation of the Military Police.
  • Supporting and coordinating national and multinational effort in implementing doctrines, publications and normative documents in order to facilitate common understating in fulfilling police tasks in every operational environment.
  • Supporting and advising in national as well as international consultations on the issues to be addressed in the Military Police doctrines and publications.
  • Preparing evaluation, lessons learned from theoretical and practical Military Police`s accomplishments as well as conclusions and ways ahead in order to implement them into the future actions.
  • Cooperating with national, Alliance`s and foreign institutions responsible for transformation of their Armed Forces, especially in the frame of police activities.
  • Formulating, experimenting, reviewing and recommending new concepts and directions for utilization within Military Police multinational operational environment.
  • Cooperating with other military and civilian Subject Matter Experts to carry out researches, simulations, analyses in favor of the Military Police and their counterparts.
  • Studying, ing and providing all actors with optimal methods, tools and procedures used in the transformation process for planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating.
  • Gathering, storing and sharing any materials related to Military Police operations in their countries and operations abroad.
  • Serving as a platform for consultations, experiences and information exchange, discussion and meetings.