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Agreement on cooperation with Academia

sofia0On 5 September 2017, MG Grudi Ivanov ANGELOV, the “G.S. Rakovski” National Defence College Rector-Commandant and COL Grzegorz WASIELEWSKI, the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE) Director signed the “Technical Agreement on Mutual Co-operation”  between the institutions. COL Wasielewski also delivered a public lecture to the College students as well as used this opportunity to visit premises of the Bulgarian National Defence College in Sofia.

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NATO Military Police Senior Non-commissioned Officer Course MPSrNCOC17-2


Stamp ForNCObyNCO no background transparentThe NATO Military Police Senior Non-commissioned Officer Course
(MPSrNCOC17-2) offers an opportunity to contribute practical operational skills in the field of military police capabilities in order to prepare staff for working in a NATO/multinational environment, it also fosters multinational cooperation within and among the worldwide MP family.
The aim of the MPSrNCOC17-2 is to prepare NATO MP SrNCOs to work in a multinational NATO environment and to ensure initial knowledge focusing on issues of the military police senior non-commissioned officer’s perspective and to provide recommendations on MP employment to commanders  in a NATO/multinational environment. Additionally, the course aims to explain the individual countries’ MP capabilities within NATO/multinational environment and Execute commander’s intent in a NATO/multinational environment.

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Law of Armed Conflict and War Crime Investigations Conference

It was attended by over 40 participants from different NATO bodies (including HQ MNC NE, NRDC Italy, HQ ARRC, NATO MP COE and NATO SP COE), ministries of defence, national MP headquarters and international organisations.
The keynote speakers were as follows:
• Mr Stéphane KOLANOWSKI, the Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to the EU, NATO and the Kingdom of Belgium in Brussels;
• Mr Pascal TURLAN, the International Criminal Court (ICC-CPI);
• COL Gilles CASTEL, Military Department Deputy Director of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law in San Remo;
• Dr Marcin MARCINKO, the Polish Red Cross;
• COL Georgi KARAMFILOV, the Bulgarian National Defence College;
• Mr Martin SCOTT and Ms Ashley JORDANA, the Global Rights Compliance.

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The 5th NATO Military Police Junior Officer Course (MPJOC17) 25-29 September 2017


MPJOC17 offers a unique opportunity in NATO to contribute in practice not only to the improvement of education and training among Military Police personnel, in particular in the area of operational force deployment and in-theatre interoperability, but also fosters the multinational cooperation within and among the worldwide MP-family.

The aim of the NATO MPJOC is to provide initial knowledge focusing on issues of the multinational military cooperation in order to develop a common understanding of differences in capabilities and national cultures, therefore enhancing Military Police interoperability in NATO and NATO-led operations.

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