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MP Doctrine and Standardization Forum

NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE) introduces the second edition of the Military Police Doctrine and Standardization Forum, which will take place in Bydgoszcz, on 20 –23 November 2017.
Since doctrine and standardization is an important part of military police environment, the Centre aims to strengthen a Community of Interest which will be able to expand awareness of each member’s possibilities in the field of standardization and doctrine development, as well as create a discussion platform in order to address related issues and support better understanding on them.
The forum also aims to improve international cooperation and interoperability among NATO MP/Gendarmerie units and institutions during military policing operations in a multinational environment.


• Military Police/Gendarmerie-type forces from NATO countries, OF-2/4;
• other ranks will be accepted too, under decision of respective MP national HQs.


• bring together subject matter experts, working at the NATO and national level in the doctrine functional area;
• mutually exchange experience in developing national and allied doctrinal publications;
• develop better coordination of the NATO MP contribution to the allied Joint Doctrine Campaign Plan.

Event timing and capacity

• 20-23 November 2017;
• max. 30 participants.


The security classification for this event will be NATO Unclassified (releasable to Partners).

Event fee

Forum fee for participants will be PLN 350 (approx. € 85). Guest speakers excluded.
Registration Details
All event participants are kindly asked to confirm their presence NLT 03 November 2017 by registering for the event through the NATO MP COE Smart Event Application (SEA) 

If you are not a SEA user, firstly create your account by clicking "register" button. After receiving a confirmation e-mail with login and password, please open the MPS&SF SEA registration form (as a participant, facilitator or guest speaker accordingly) by chosing "JOIN" button and finally after completing that form, click "SUBMIT" button.