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2nd NATO Military Policing Annual Discipline Conference to be organised on 07–08 November 2017

Since appointment of the NATO Military Policing Centre of Excellence (MP COE) to the role of the Department Head (DH) for the Military Policing (MPG) discipline in 2015 – the Military Policing Annual Discipline Conference (MPGADC17), has become one of the key elements of the Centre’s activity. Therefore, we are pleased to announce convening of the second MPGADC17. This event takes place in Bydgoszcz on 07-08 November 2017.

The aim of the MPGADC17, which is held under the guidance of Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation / Joint Force Trainer (HQ SACT JFT), is to review and update the NATO Education and Individual Training (E&IT) requirements in the Military Policing discipline, and to validate or revise E&T solutions.

Subsequently the following detailed objectives are assumed:

  • To provide a forum for the MP Community of Interest to express and identify individual and collective training requirements in a NATO and non-NATO environment;
  • To review the Military Policing Discipline Programme (Annex to the Discipline Alignment Plan) - the summary which constitute the Military Policing E&T requirements and update the field of Military Policing E&T opportunities (i.e. programmes, courses, forums) currently available in NATO and NATO nations;
  • To inform about functional relations among Military Policing training institutions, HQ SACT JFT, Requirement Authority (RA) and DH as well as to discuss options to synchronize efforts, save resources and coordinate processes, such as Quality Assurance;
  • To brief and update the participants on current and important developments and on-going topics related to Military Policing Education & Individual Training, as well as to discuss the developments in Collective Training;
  • Upon review of the Military Policing Discipline Programme, to establish working groups as required to initiate the analysis phase of the Training Needs Analysis (TNA), which will facilitate the development of new E&T opportunities for identified gaps;
  • To coordinate the Military Policing instructor/SME support to Military Policing training activities and exercises;
  • Additionally, training institutions and HQs are invited to discuss their bids and requests at the Conference.


  • Representatives of education and training institutions providing MP and police-related training for NATO;
  • Military Police and Gendarmerie Community of Interest and MP SMEs;
  • Military Policing Requirement Authority and HQ SACT JFT representatives;
  • National and international organisations;
  • Other actors interested in contributing to NATO Military Police training are also welcome.

Expected outcome
To adapt accordingly and issue the Discipline Alignment Plan 2018.
Event timing
07-08 November 2017.
The security classification for this event will be NATO Unclassified (releasable to Partners).

Registration details:
All event participants are kindly asked to confirm their presence NLT 23 October 2017 by registering for the event through the NATO MP COE Smart Event Application (SEA) . If you are not a SEA user, firstly create your account by clicking “Register” button. After receiving a confirmation e-mail with login and password, please open the MPGADC17 SEA registration form by choosing “Join” button and finally after completing that form, click “Submit” button.