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NATO Military Police Senior Non-commissioned Officer Course MPSrNCOC17-2


Stamp ForNCObyNCO no background transparentThe NATO Military Police Senior Non-commissioned Officer Course
(MPSrNCOC17-2) offers an opportunity to contribute practical operational skills in the field of military police capabilities in order to prepare staff for working in a NATO/multinational environment, it also fosters multinational cooperation within and among the worldwide MP family.
The aim of the MPSrNCOC17-2 is to prepare NATO MP SrNCOs to work in a multinational NATO environment and to ensure initial knowledge focusing on issues of the military police senior non-commissioned officer’s perspective and to provide recommendations on MP employment to commanders  in a NATO/multinational environment. Additionally, the course aims to explain the individual countries’ MP capabilities within NATO/multinational environment and Execute commander’s intent in a NATO/multinational environment.

Training audience
• Target audience for the course are primarily military police members from NATO
and NATO partner countries in ranks of NATO grade OR-7/8;
• However, because of the various levels of experience and exposure to NATO operations, OR-9 will be accepted, too;
• OR-6 can be accepted if they possess proper substantiations.
All students, facilitators and guest speakers should confirm their participation 14 days prior to the course, but the FIRST COME – FIRST SERVED rule is applied due to the limited number of seats. Please register for the system through the NATO MP COE Smart Event Application (SEA) After receiving a confirmation email, register for the MPSrNCOC17-2 as a student or a facilitator or guest speaker accordingly.
During the whole process, you are kindly asked to use your official duty email address only.