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The 5th NATO Military Police Junior Officer Course (MPJOC17) 25-29 September 2017


MPJOC17 offers a unique opportunity in NATO to contribute in practice not only to the improvement of education and training among Military Police personnel, in particular in the area of operational force deployment and in-theatre interoperability, but also fosters the multinational cooperation within and among the worldwide MP-family.

The aim of the NATO MPJOC is to provide initial knowledge focusing on issues of the multinational military cooperation in order to develop a common understanding of differences in capabilities and national cultures, therefore enhancing Military Police interoperability in NATO and NATO-led operations.

The course will provide students with an introduction to MP functions and activities in order to develop a common comprehension of national differing capabilities, and show how to best integrate them in support of multinational operations within the wider context of NATO and international community. The OPR for that respective course is an extremely qualified and very experienced senior officer from Croatia. Most probably you have never had such kind of an opportunity to participate in the NATO APPROVED course provided by the NATO MP COE.
Main areas to be covered during MPJOC17 are as follows:
- Advise on NATO MP Doctrine (NATO MP Doctrine, International Law in relation to Military Police functions, Cross-Cultural Awareness),
- Mission Planning in a NATO operation (NATO MP Capabilities, Understand the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP) and NATO Operations Planning Process, Conduct a Mission Analysis.
The 5th edition of the MPJOC will be supported by the engagement of external facilitators who will meet on 18-22 September 2017 in order to develop MPJOC17 scenarios for the Syndicate Group Work being an integral and practical part of the course.

Students should confirm their participation till 8th of September 2017.
The “FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED” rule is applied (registration time might be shortened) due to the limited number of seats!
Please register to the system through the NATO MP COE Smart Event Application (SEA)

During the whole process, the participants are kindly asked to use their official duty email addresses only.