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NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence Day


On 25 May 2017 the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence celebrated its 3rd Anniversary of Accreditation by the North Atlantic Council. The main part of the respective event was conducted at the Centre’s Flag Pole Square with a distinguished presence of the Polish Senior National Representative COL Wojciech Czerwiński who, on the occasion of the NATO MP COE Day and in accordance with the Polish award regulations, together with the Director of the Centre, Col Grzegorz WASIELEWSKI, distinguished the military personnel and the civilian workers of the NATO MP COE, in recognition of exemplary conduct and outstanding commitment when executing duty tasks. Amongst the awarded soldiers were 15 officers, 2 chief warrant officers, 2 warrant officers and 1 civilian. The attendees of the Military Police Annual Tactical Lessons Learned Forum 2017-4 also took part in the respective ceremony.

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On the occasion of the NATO MP COE’s Day on Saturday, 27 May the barbeque meeting was organized. Most of the MP Family was engaged in that undertaking. A lot of tourist attractions were provided to the participants by the Director of the Centre. One of those was a mesmerizing tourist voyage by the river bus. Another one was the barbeque. During the barbeque, the MP Family members had an opportunity to get to know each other better. It was as usually an unforgettable experience.

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