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1st Law of Armed Conflict and War Crime Investigations Conference 27-29 JUNE 2017

LOACWCICWe are pleased to announce the convening of the first Law of Armed Conflict and War Crime Investigations Conference (LOAC & WCIC). 
The purpose of the Conference is to promote ideas in a way that will advance the common understanding of LOAC as well as to gain points of view that might not have been otherwise considered. The Conference is a venue for all those who work in the area of Law of Armed Conflict with a specific accent on MP capabilities in conducting and supporting War Crime Investigations. The Conference constitutes an excellent platform for the civilian and military experts that wish to share opinions and experience.
The main objectives of the Conference are as follows:
To brief the audience about the Law of Armed Conflict, its attributes and legal enforcement of LOAC;
To provide a forum for the MP Community of Interest and SMEs from different organizations to discuss the subject and provide a tangible output concerning MP role when encountering war crimes;
To update the participants on the most recent developments of International Humanitarian Law and on-going topics related to war crimes;
To provide information on implementation of LOAC and war crimes investigations in  accordance with national legislations;
To initiate the establishment of a working group, if required, to analyze the need for further development of the topic from educational prospective;
To bring opportunities for the researchers and practitioners from different countries to present their work and share experiences with other SMEs in the field of LOAC.
The idea of the Conference is to organize round table and open discussions, complemented by seminar sessions led by selected SMEs. A crucial theme of the Conference will be an MP perspective in War Crime Investigations. There are no limitations in regard to the number of participants by nation or organisation. Additionally, no security clearance is required (no classified information will be shared).
We encourage participants to prepare paper proposals in English, related to the aim and objectives of the Conference. Presented papers will consequently become part of a post-conference publication which will be send to the authors.
Please send abstract of your paper ASAP, but NLT 6 June 2017 to the OPR.
Conference fee for the event is PLN350 (Polish złoty), approx. €80.
All event participants are kindly asked to confirm their presence NLT 06 June 2017 by registering through the NATO MP COE Smart Event Application (SEA)
In order to register for the event  create an account on SEA, then after receiving a confirmation email with a login and a password, please “JOIN”  the LOAC&WCIC17 as a “Participant”. During the whole process, you are kindly asked to use your official duty email address only.