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On 01–03 March 2017, the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE) hosted the 3rd Provost Marshal Forum (PMF 2017-3)

www1The event gathered together 37 participants representing 17 NATO and PfP countries.

The main aim of the PMF 2017-3 was to enhance and strengthen cooperation amongst Provost Marshals (PMs) to exchange information, provide expertise, capture lessons learned and best practices, as well as to develop common strategies in order to support training, exercises and operations.

As the Forum’s OPR, LTC Antonel TUGUI stated, the NATO MP COE appreciates the event as the best platform where the Provost Marshals may have an opportunity to build the agenda, to discuss and analyse themes that they consider relevant and useful in support of their day-to-day activities.

In this perspective, PMF 2017-3 brought to the participants’ attention the following topics: Strategic digest and review, MP in gender-related tasks and activities, and MP in NATO/coalition operations and exercises.
In addition to that, it is worth mentioning that not only various areas covered during the Forum, but the assembly itself constituted a beneficial platform for identifying valuable information of common interest and sharing lessons and experience during open discussions amongst gathered Provost Marshals.

The NATO MP COE’s Director, COL Grzegorz WASIELEWSKI underlined the huge progress achieved by the “NATO MP Family” and pointed out the following topics:
- the importance and effectiveness of the two COEs which support the NATO MP Community of Interests, namely MP COE and SP COE;
- the consensus reached in order to have an agreed Military Police and Provost Marshal definition in NATO;
- the continuous growth in terms of participants and interest for the Military Police Panel;
- the active involvement of the nations and the two COEs in order to develop the doctrines and tactical publications related to the MP activities and operations.

At the end of the PMF 2017-3, the participants presented their positive impressions and underlined the supportive role provided by the NATO MP COE in order to facilitate the event’s conduct and to accomplish its task as “the NATO MP House.”

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