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NATO gives credit to the NATO MP COE’s quality!

Stamp NATO APPROVEDA new milestone - Unconditional Quality Assurance Accreditation

Since its establishment, the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE) has been making continuous progress towards becoming a trustworthy MP partner that provides valuable contributions to the Community of Interest (COI).

On 24th January 2017, ACT DCOS/JFT, Major General Stefano Vito SALAMIDA, granted the NATO Quality Assurance Unconditional Accreditation to the NATO MP COE.


After receiving the above-mentioned decision, the NATO MP COE Director – COL WASIELEWSKI stated that “through an independent external assessment, conducted by the ACT Quality Assurance Team of Experts, NATO has given recognition of our efforts with regards to meeting requirements, as well as implementing the tailor-made Quality Management System (QMS).” The established QMS increases interoperability and enables flexibility in the Centre’s efforts to focus on NATO directives, and Allied Transformation's new capstone, as well as key focus areas.

Therefore, in 2016 the main priority was to activate a comprehensive and transparent mechanism for monitoring constant quality of all the Centre’s deliverables. Furthermore, the NATO MP COE Director emphasised, “By having expectations what the future should look like, our vision of quality has become something to be pursued with inspiration, courage, and open-mindedness about the arising opportunities. The mission of providing quality can only be accomplished through teamwork by doing our best every day with greatness, and also by improving everything on a daily basis.”

It should be underlined as well that NATO’s recognition of the Centre’s quality indicates the NATO MP COE’s professional level, value, and leadership in the area of NATO MP Education and Training (E&T). As an immediate result of having been granted the NATO Quality Assurance Unconditional Accreditation, the courses provided by the NATO MP COE have received the “Approved” certification.

Thanks to continuous application and improvement of practices, policies and procedures, the NATO MP COE will ensure unwavering dedication to maintaining high quality of the NATO MP E&T. The NATO MP COE Quality Manager, Deputy Director – LTC STOLL stressed, “NATO’s objective acknowledgement of the Centre’s QMS is of high importance for all our partners, and will increase their confidence in our endeavours. Owing to the established, implemented, and operating QMS, the NATO MP COE is capable of contributing in the most effective and efficient way to the needs and requirements of the NATO MP COI, as well as the NATO and Partner Nations’ Requests for Support.”

By receiving the unconditional QA accreditation for the upcoming six years, the NATO MP COE has once more proven to be the hub for all MP-related matters across all five Military Police functions. The recent QA accreditation, obtained with the highest possible results, demonstrates a tremendous success for us and also gives strong evidence of the Centre’s abilities and capabilities to serve mission as a focused and customer-oriented allied institution. The whole process was preceded by a number of significant accomplishments, i.e. its establishment in 2012, NATO accreditation received in May 2014, and nomination as a DH for Military Policing Discipline awarded in November 2016. All of the above constitutes a solid proof of being a well-known body for providing Subject Matter Expertise on MP and its discipline for the NATO MP COI and beyond.