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1On the 3rd to 5th April 2017, a Close Protection workshop was held at the NATO MP COE and was attended by representatives from 12 countries.

The workshop consisted of two main parts. The First day was devoted to sharing experience and a general discussion about CP tasks, AO (Area of Operations) and security procedures. Participants also shared their own opinion about training programs, techniques and equipment. What needs to be emphasised is that it was a unique opportunity for everybody to hear about tasks executed by the CP teams in different AOs and how they are performed.

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1st Law of Armed Conflict and War Crime Investigations Conference 27-29 JUNE 2017

LOACWCICWe are pleased to announce the convening of the first Law of Armed Conflict and War Crime Investigations Conference (LOAC & WCIC). 
The purpose of the Conference is to promote ideas in a way that will advance the common understanding of LOAC as well as to gain points of view that might not have been otherwise considered. The Conference is a venue for all those who work in the area of Law of Armed Conflict with a specific accent on MP capabilities in conducting and supporting War Crime Investigations. The Conference constitutes an excellent platform for the civilian and military experts that wish to share opinions and experience.

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On 01–03 March 2017, the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE) hosted the 3rd Provost Marshal Forum (PMF 2017-3)

www1The event gathered together 37 participants representing 17 NATO and PfP countries.

The main aim of the PMF 2017-3 was to enhance and strengthen cooperation amongst Provost Marshals (PMs) to exchange information, provide expertise, capture lessons learned and best practices, as well as to develop common strategies in order to support training, exercises and operations.

As the Forum’s OPR, LTC Antonel TUGUI stated, the NATO MP COE appreciates the event as the best platform where the Provost Marshals may have an opportunity to build the agenda, to discuss and analyse themes that they consider relevant and useful in support of their day-to-day activities.

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REGISTRATION for NATO Military Police Senior Non-commissioned Officer Course OPENED

Stamp ForNCObyNCO no background transparentNATO Military Police Senior Non-commissioned Officer Course (MPSrNCOC17-X) met all NATO standards and therefore achieved NATO APPROVED certification. Another edition of the course has been introduced by the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (MP COE) to enhance operational skills in the field of Military Police capabilities in order to prepare staff for working in a NATO/multinational environment.

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